Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My Hair Profile

Hey guys! Here is my hair profile. Knowing these things about your hair can really help you with choosing the right products for your hair, and building a hair regimen. My hair is natural but you can do this for relaxed hair too. Having this knowledge about your hair can really help you save money on hair products because you will know the products that just wont work on your hair type. You'll never wast money on things that are just completely wrong for your hair.

I hope this helps you guys out and if you have any questions please leave your comments below!

Curl Pattern  

My hair is generally “3” Type hair. Ranging mostly from 3A to 3C. Some of my hair does not have a defined curl at all and just makes s patterns. Some of my hair has a more defined curl, a lot of my hair frizzes and some of it almost looks straight because it just has a wave. I don’t suffer from a lot of shrinkage because my hair is not tremendously curly. My hair straightens easily.


My hair has a low porosity; this means it does not generally let moisture in. My hair gets pretty dry. My hair does not like heavy products, they weigh my hair down. My hair also does not need a ton of protein; I focus much more on moisture.


 My hair has a high density. When looking at my hair you cannot see my scalp unless I have parted my hair. There is generally a lot of hair on my head.


Normal width. While my hair seems fine to me, I can see it when I lift it into the light and I can feel it when I rub it between my fingers.


I have medium length hair. All or most of the hair on my head is generally about 8 inches long. The pineapple method doesn’t work for me because my hair isn’t long enough or heavy enough to “fall” if I sleep with my hair up my hair will stay standing up and I can’t make it lay back down.


-My hair does not hold braid outs or twist outs well`
-My hair air dries quickly
- My hair does not like to be moisturized and sealed with product daily. I do moisturize and seal but I use an aloevera juice, water and glycerine spritz for moisture (light and does not cause build up) and a tiny bit of coconut oil. If I used actual store bought moisturizers everyday they would be too heavy on my hair.
-My hair takes a long time to process, when I color my hair I usually have to leave dye on for an hour or more and I may still not get desired results. But color does not easily wash out of my hair. When I color my hair It stays for years, usually until I color it again.